Sean bringing a world of experience to client projects...

A real commitment to client satisfaction, the relish of meeting challenges and solving them - and developing long term business relationships with GBH clients is in the blood of operations director Sean Hulse. Literally.
Because Sean is the son of GBH founder and chairman George Hulse and, as many a son or daughter following parents into a successful family business will testify, it’s no easy street: - “I’ve been in utilities since I was fifteen years old,” says Sean, and though I’ve always enjoyed working with Dad I certainly didn’t get this job handed to me on a plate…” Sean broadened his experience and expertise by working all over the world - an expertise which has earned the respect of GBH clients in both the public and private sectors.

Client trust

The 40-year old has over 18 years hands-on experience as a gas/water mains layer and now oversees the majority of projects - looking after the gangs and “delivering jobs on time and within budget”.

What’s the most satisfying aspect of his job?

“Adding new clients, winning projects and keeping things moving on site.” he says.

“Clients trust us because we try and anticipate snags and make allowances to prevent off-contract claims going in every two minutes. I think our clients appreciate that!” Sean takes great satisfaction from the many testimonials which can be found in our newsletters and website, saying “It’s good to hear the comments. We try to be very accommodating to our clients and our full accreditation to GIRS is having a dramatic and positive effect on business.”

Cost savings

He continued, “GIRS translates into a trouble-free turnkey package for gas connections, gas mains and service - including liaison with all third parties and dealing with the necessary licence agreements…” Sean says the GIRS accreditation offers clients very real cost savings and reduced lead times, as we can work directly on the networks without the necessity of waiting for the network engineers to complete their part.

“We can handle everything on behalf of the client; the survey, the paperwork, the confirmations.”

Does Sean ever relax?!

“When I get the time there’s nothing better than a spot of golf or fishing,” he says, “but I’m a family man through and through - a caring and supportive wife and three great kids - and I enjoy my free time with them.”


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