Top marks for GBH at Doncaster’s Libraries, Schools, Care Homes and Council properties

Darren Saunders, Mechanical & Contracts Supervisor for Doncaster Metropolitan Borough Council, has responsibility - with his team – for ensuring that all public buildings used by the Borough’s 300,000+ population are maintained to the highest standards:- And, says Darren, “That’s a big responsibility...”

“With over 120 schools and all other public buildings - Libraries, Care Homes, Council properties etc., we have to be able to react quickly and effectively if a problem occurs, especially in the colder months...”

Trusted ally
Typically, these issues may include underground pipe failures, heating and water-related disruptions - but with his almost thirty years’ experience in the job, Darren can always call on a trusted ally if needed - GBH Utilities...
“GBH have been contractors to DMBC for a number of years now and we trust them implicitly”

“Clearly, you can’t have public buildings and schools without heating or water for more than a few hours and that’s where GBH get top marks. Their response time and quality of work are excellent. GBH understand my needs and the importance of getting things done and back on track quickly. We’ve had some very challenging moments over the years, but with GBH on board I always know I have the back-up of a very experienced team!”

Professional relationship
As we go to press Darren and his team are busy with solid fuel to gas conversions in all the schools across the District.

Most, says Darren, don’t have gas supplies so GBH are busy updating the systems - with plenty more to convert in 2013.

“We’ve built a lot of confidence in GBH over the years and, as I’ve said before, they understand the issues we have, not what they have - and the response is pretty much instant when it has to be.”

“It’s a good, professional relationship and to be honest we do regard GBH as trusted support to our own workforce.”

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