Ashgate Hospice’s Deborah Goodall says one of the biggest contributions GBH Utilities made to the charity’s Chesterfield Furniture Store and Donation Centre was taking all the worry and paperwork off her desk when a new gas supply was required!

“It would have been an absolute nightmare as it turned out,” says Deborah, “but John Sykes at GBH basically said ‘leave it to us!”.

Ashgate Hospice in Chesterfield provides specialist palliative care (care to relieve pain rather than cure) for adults across North Derbyshire and has been doing so for over 23 years.

Today the Hospice has grown to 130 dedicated and professional staff and, with running costs at around £5m a year, relies on voluntary contributions and fundraising efforts which contribute significantly to the overheads. Over 200volunteers assist at Ashgate Hospice itself, its nine Hospice Shops and via some very imaginative events…

GIRS Accredited

During the hard winter of 2010/11 it was obvious the Chesterfield Furniture Store was too cold for comfort and that additional heating would be required.

An experienced heating and air conditioning company was called in to resolve the situation who quickly established that a larger pipe was needed from the mains to the building in order to deliver the required volumes of gas. As a GIRS registered company GBH Utilities was contracted to provide the link but despite the fact the distance from mains to building was little more than the length of a cricket pitch, the Furniture Store is located on an Industrial Estate - necessitating permissions, consents and legal checks before work could commence.

Key Outlet

John Sykes takes up the story: “There’s nearly always an inevitable paper trail when we’re crossing land to lay pipework but in this instance the landowners were simply seeking reassurance the job would be good and tidy - and they were. But the paperwork, even with our levels of experience, was somewhat disproportionate to the size of the job - so we took care of that rather than let our client struggle with it…”

Says Deborah:- “I couldn’t begin to imagine having to deal with the National Grid, Utility issues and all the onsite consents, emails, interminable map and diagram submissions and legal questions that would entail. The Chesterfield store is one of our key outlets, delivering £250,000 a year towards funds so a quick solution was vital.”

“GBH are the experts! Brilliant, tidy and very efficient. We would certainly use them again and definitely recommend them to others. They took a lot of potential problems off our already busy shoulders and delivered a superb service on time and on budget.” And one word to describe GBH Utilities?

“Oh, that’s a bit unfair! But, OK, I’d have to say ‘Approachable‘”