An ardent fan of Tottenham Hotspur, senior project manager Tony Hodges at Bailey BuildingServices reckons the Spurs team’s experienced management, dedication to strategy, training and commitment to success is keeping them in Premier League contention - a neat comparison in fact with the company he works for…

Tony has spent 13 years to date with Bailey Building Services - three years in London and the latter ten at the company’s HQ near Leeds - learning his trade as a pipefitter/welder before his move into project management and his current role supervising seven Sheffield schools as part of the Building Schools for the Future programme around the city…

A demanding role that must be like playing three dimensional chess?

Collaborative Approach

“It has its moments,” he says, “but at Bailey Building Services we use a sector-based approach; in my case I’m part of a dedicated Education team with expertise in the market throughout the business. Couple that with our large scale project management experience together with a collaborative approach with both our clients and our suppliers and you have a system that works!” In competitive tendering GBH Utilities won all seven Sheffield schools for the design, construction, connection and commissioning of both gas and water facilities.

“Within the general Sheffield/South Yorkshire areas we would use GBH for this type of work” says Tony “They’re on our preferred suppliers list and GBH is a trusted supplier to Bailey Building Services”.

What’s special about GBH?

“Anybody doing my job across several sites will tell you that communication is key, closely followed by reliability and flexibility. With GBH I can always get hold of someone when I need to; their management and resources are good and they never let us down. All the GBH on-site teams are easily managed and they work very hard to avoid overrun costs. To GBH the price is the price…”

Turnkey Solution

Tony adds that the GIRS full accreditation recently awarded to GBH is proving “very helpful”.

Explained Tony: “You have to remember the plans we’re given about the location of gas and water mains can often be 70 or 80 years old or don’t exist at all. The GBH GIRS accreditation cuts out a lot of potentially wasteful time; their team recently found a mains that didn’t exist as far as plans were concerned and that saved us a lot of issues. They also attend our planning/progress meetings and sort out all relevant paperwork, liaison with local authorities and details of road closures etc…

In short, GBH deliver a very easy turnkey solution; they’re never fazed and are good at what they do”.