More than a sprinkling of success at A & F!

Continuing and significant investment in CAD technology, engineering expertise and a commitment to putting clients first, middle and last on each and every project keeps A & F Sprinklers Ltd on the business-winning trail. Yet amid all the technology there is also a sense of good old family values underpinning this twenty five year old company. Based in Bury, Lancashire, the company is headed by Mark Stansfield who bought A & F some four years ago and whose top quality team includes Julian Stansfield, Mark’s brother, and his partner Lesley Hill.

“Mark’s strong reputation within the industry has been built on his ‘large industrial unit/storage facility’ expertise” says Julian, “which has resulted in our becoming the new service and maintenance provider for Sainsbury’s national network of distribution warehouses - and approved contractor status for foam and fire protection works on behalf of AstraZenica amongst many others.”


A & F Sprinklers are LPCB self certified to Level 4, LPS 1048 and QA Standard ISO 9001. “We’re dealing with some first class companies of all sizes and its important our advice and expertise is of the highest standard” commented Julian. That clearly extends to their supply chain too and Julian confirmed GBH Utilities as their preferred supplier - recently working on water facilities for three primary and two secondary schools in Scotland, where sprinklers are a legal requirements for schools:- “The market is changing” Mark says “and more and more flexibility and commitment is required and demanded by our clients. GBH understand that. They’re not prima donnas - which may sound strange but it does happen on construction projects.”

Long Term Relationships

“With some others you’ll hear ‘the trench hasn’t been dug, so we’ll go sit in the van until it is’ but GBH’s team are knowledgeable, experienced and hard working. It’s a case of we’re here, so let’s get on with the job! We work hard to build long term client relationships and so do GBH”.

The brothers say attitudes within the market sectors in which they operate are changing too - particularly in retail:- “Sprinkler systems do nothing to help sales figures” Mark says, “but businesses are realising it’s better to have a business, building and stock today - rather than having it burned down last night!”