“GBH are safe, professional and self-managing. They tick all the boxes!”

Founded in 1897, Hanson School in Bradford is undergoing a major rebuild and renovation as part of Bradford’s £400m Building Schools for the Future programme in partnership with Educo UK. The new school is on target to open around Easter 2011 and GBH are installing gas, water, hydrant and sprinkler systems together with a CAT 5 external irrigation system.

GBH are also responsible for internal gas testing and validation - all in all a range of capabilities, says SES Contracts Manager Dan Chappell - which puts GBH squarely within thecompany’s Key Supply Chain:- “Good supplier relationships are key to SES,” says Dan. “I’ve worked with the GBH Utilities team for many years and although I’m sure you’ve heard it many times before the word I’d use about them is trust; GBH always deliver what they promise to deliver and if we run a request by them their answer is invariably ‘Yes we can do that, and this is what the outcome will be’. They respond very quickly to our requirements.”

Sub-Contract, not Sub-Standard

SES is a national company headquartered in York who provide a range of building services solutions across a diverse range of both public and private sectors, achieving, says Dan, “outstanding results for our clients.” Projects continue to be won in Education, Health, Commercial, Leisure/Hotel markets and increasingly within the Nuclear and Waste Management sectors…

Dan began his working life as an apprentice pipe-fitter with SES back in 1990, rising through the ranks to Site Supervisor and now Contracts Manager. With that experience it’s perhaps not surprising that he takes a fair but uncompromising stance with suppliers and sub-contractors.

A man who drills the motto “SUB-CONTRACT, NOT SUB-STANDARD!” into his site teams clearly means business: - He explains “Across many different business sectors, clients award projects and jobs to companies they trust. If I’m your client and your printer ruins the newsletter you’re writing and producing - or fails to meet an agreed deadline then in my eyes it’s YOUR problem, because I’m paying you - not your sub-contractors. Clients don’t differentiate.”

Trust is Key

Dan conducts a full SHEA assessment every month with sub-contractors and, if the requirements are not being met, then they’re off the site.

So what’s special about GBH?

“Well obviously cost is an important element as always, but GBH don’t play the contractual card if things change; they’ll stick to their price unless fair and agreed amendments are called for… GBH are safe, professional and self-managing with minimum supervision. In my job that’s a big plus. GBH tick all the boxes.”

And what would be the one word that best describes the relationship?

“Sorry, but it’s back to trust” says Dan. “Look, we have a flexible, open relationship with GBH and they’ve never let us down!”